Founded in Stuttgart

32-year-old master saddler Wilhelm Reutter establishes Stuttgarter Carosserie- u. Radfabrik (Stuttgart Body and Wheel Factory). In 1908 his brother Albert joins the management team.


Motor innovation

The company is renamed Stuttgarter Karosseriewerk Reutter & Co. and patents the Reform-Karosserie, a predecessor to today’s convertible.


Trendsetting design

Reutter builds the predecessors and prototypes of the Volkswagen Beetle for the Porsche engineering office.


A reliable partner

Reutter initially builds the Porsche bodies – including the complete interior fittings – at its main factory in Augustenstrasse, then in (Factory II) in Zuffenhausen up until the end of 1963.


Concentrating on its core competency

The body factory is sold at the end of 1963. The focus shifts to seating: REutter CAROsserie becomes RECARO, the seating specialist.


A growing family

RECARO expands their range of products with the introduction of its first child seat: the RECARO start. The seat features an innovative safety aluminium struckture that grows with the child.


A complete solution

With its next generation of newly-developed products for children, RECARO becomes a full-range supplier in the child seat business.


Making our proven products even better

RECARO Child Safety kicks off a product offensive with the world debut of HERO – a product range utilizing shock-absorbing, high-performance materials designed for maximum comfort for the next generation of child seats.

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At home

RECARO home is established and launches an exclusive relax chair collection. Unique design with unmistakable RECARO seating comfort finds its way into the home.


Comfortable seating 2.0

The collection is expanded to include new, cozy models, which are showcased in RECARO Studios at exclusive furniture stores.


Firm decision

The RECARO Group withdraws from the upholstered seats market at the beginning of 2013.

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Ready for take-off

RECARO launches and builds aircraft seats under the brand name Aircomfort.The first major orders for the 9777 and 2020 models come from Korean Airlines and Lufthansa.


Frequent flyer

With the 3010 model, RECARO Aircraft Seating sets new standards in functionality and quality, laying the cornerstone for more major international orders.


Cruising altitude reached

The unveiling of the exhibition seat 5210CE:. RECARO Aircraft Seating establishes itself in the business-class segment, impressing customers around the world with intelligent new products.


A quick-change artist

No tools required: in just a few steps the 7410 CVS (built between 1994 and 2000) can be easily converted from an economy-class to a business-class seat in the plane.


Bestseller BL 3520

At the beginning of the new decade, RECARO Aircraft Seating proves itself in the market with innovative, award-winning products and anticipates growing demand.

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An ideal solution

The new Sports Seat revolutionizes automotive seating thanks to foam cushioning and lateral support. Focus is placed on ergonomics and safety, which continue to set trends to this very day.


Sheer adrenaline

The full shell RECARO Profi is the first motorsport seat. Generations of rally and race car drivers continue to trust our motorsports expertise.


Standard safety

The RECARO A8 is the world’s first standard automotive seat with a self-supporting back shell made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic.


High-end and lightweight

The super sports car Porsche Carrera GT features the world’s lightest standard automotive seat to date, a RECARO Kevlar carbon shell seat, weighing only 10.3 kg (about 22.7 pounds).


Reduced to the maximum

RECARO presents a visionary lightweight construction seating concept under the name Pure Seating for short-distance city and electric vehicles, reducing automobile seating to the very essential.


Expanded horizon

The automotive business is acquired by Johnson Controls. As part of a global corporation RECARO Automotive is competitively positioned for a successful and expanding future.

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